Modernizing classics our way.


When Rocky Zhou launched The Nikky collection in spring 2013, he embarked on his lifelong passion of creating menswear anchored in his Chinese heritage of hand tailoring.

Born in Ningbo China and educated in Canada, he began his career importing the finest cashmere cloth and knitwear with the natural progression into the realm of hand tailored clothing.

"Nikky is steeped in tailored tradition and every stitch is unique"

Rocky’s enthusiasm for establishing a lifestyle brand and determination to create clothing that is of the highest quality coupled with his technical prowess and his attention to detail makes every Nikky garment something of which to be proud.

Rocky draws inspiration from all over the world. His design team travels the globe sourcing the finest fabrics to showcase the art of handmade tailoring. His silhouettes are softer, less shouldered, a suppressed waistline; they caress the body.

The Nikky man is stylish, confident, elegant and is not shy to express himself. He has an eye for the details and a taste for color.

Rocky Zhou

Rocky Zhou