Through our partnerships with the most prestigious Italian and English cloth makers, we are able to showcase the finest natural fibers through our exceptional construction.

Our jackets and suits are made of the most luxurious cashmeres and woolens with the softest touch. Traditional, dynamic and contemporary are the cornerstones of Nikky New York.


Hand Tailoring

From cutting to each single tack and stitch, every Nikky New York Jacket is made tailored by hand.

Full canvas construction assures a solid foundation, and Hongbang tailoring, steeped in centuries of tradition with adherence to the highest level of hand tailoring standards, is updated and presented to the world by Nikky New York.



Every Nikky New York piece is handmade to perfection from full canvas construction to mother of pearl buttons.

Hand sewing every buttonhole, armhole and label, to double track stitching, and craw’s foot stitching on every button: hand cut, hand sewn, hand pressed.